About Us

SISU Overview

SISU was formed in 2003 by a group of enthused expats looking to see the world with their bikes.

Started in Shanghai , China – SISU cyclists are now in over forty countries .

Cycling challenges - Living in a foreign country or any new place offers many challenges.

From places to meet like minded folks to places to ‘share those healthy lifestyle times.

SISU is a connection !


Today – Locating places to bike and share quality time takes patience and consideration .

Shanghai and Asian cities can be bike friendly – when you are with the right folks .

Group cycling - Since no two people are alike , one can cycle a little or a lot with SIS.

We have all skill levels of cycling along with great guides .

Try our weekly rides when weather is permitting.

NOTE - we do not cycle on wet roads or trails as this can be quite dangerous.


So - We have many groups cycling for social , exercise & fitness , sightseeing or competitive training.

Rides vary in length from 25 km to 100 km. Email us for a recommendation to bike with us !


A special SISU feature is the ‘Getaways - We found the ‘best way to see a place is ‘have your local folks share their home towns and villages. SISU has designed many western style travel packages with this thought. Getaways go to National Geographic type places with something for everyone . Getting out of the ‘hectic cities is good for the family and appeals to the adventure in us.


SISU ‘Mandate – Of particular interest to SISU is the promotion of safer cycling and street safety in overseas places. We educate schools , social groups and members on what to know when on the foreign roads. Plus the 'vital importance in quality safety equipment , cycles and accessories. Last – you want reliable service from experienced folks.


Contact us with your requests , thoughts or other support as we 'share time and experiences which will make those ‘special memories 'we never forget !


See You On The Pedals !