July 12 & 13

Moganshan Mountains   “Foxtail Bamboo” Forests

The mountain tops  of Moganshan are 20 - 40 km views of valleys , lakes & the surrounding mountains. Mountain air, flowers, waterfalls and China's  largest 'foxtail bamboo forest greet all who want quiet, fresh air and some exercise.

Join us - as we visit the site of the USA  movie 'Crouching Tiger - Hidden Dragon, Mao’s historic summer villa & the  many rock formations. Easy walking, scenic cycling, hiking or 'just doing nothing makes this 'getaway most memorable.     

Bring the camera and a friend !

Package:  2 days/1 night on the 'top of Moganshan mountain with its huge bamboo & pine forests plus majestic views. There is guided cycling and hiking, plus excellent mountain food. There is something for everyone .
Price:  1590 RMB per adult    880 RMB for youth 12 - 6 


Transportation: Private express bus – depart Pudong, Shanghai
Accommodation:  Mountain top lodge with fabulous views & quiet
Package Includes: Transportation, great lodging, excellent meals, nature reserve entry fees,guides & AIG insurance
Reservation Deadline:  Thursday July 4th with 800 RMB deposit

Tentative Schedule:
Day 1   Saturday  July 12     
Meet 7 AM at Century Park Café - Pudong
11:00 AM ‘big brunch on the mountain
Afternoon hiking tea trails & biking the 'Crown
6:00 PM ‘mountain top dinner with social

Day 2     Sunday    July 13   
Sunrise walks, cycling / hiking
8.30  AM breakfast with morning sightseeing
Awesome lunch from the 'Overlook & 20 KM 'downhill cycle ride to Anji Trail 
7.30 PM Shanghai arrival
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