The Silk Road Tour

China's Silk Road With ‘ Marco Polo

Lake Qinghai to Dunhuang, China

Starts  July 1 – 9th


Lake Qinghai  -  Asias largest saltwater lake and Chinas largest lake { elevation  3100 meters }. Qinghai { capital Xining } is Chinas largest province with millions of sheep, yaks, blue skies   blue waters and millions of acres of the summer yellow flowers. Qinghai is located on the Qinghai / Himalayan  plateau -  with short  spectacular summers.


Zhang Ye - Gansu Province  is the start of  high elevation deserts, along with  vivid painted rock formations. Plus  snow capped mountains, plateaus and  distant ridges. This cycling  offers panoramic desert scenery & distant mountain ranges.


  Yellow flowers of Heart Mountain Qilianshan

Tibetan Prayer Flags

Mt Qilianshan


Dunhuang  is where the ‘ East / West & North / South Silk Roads met. For centuries Dunhuang was the richest city in the world. Plus the ‘entry into China via the Hexi Corridor. This is one of UNESCO Asia’s  top cultural experiences  - with the Mogao Grottoes & more than 8 major minorities.

Jia Yu Guan - This was the first or last place to see China along the ‘Silk Road. It has the Great Wall’s largest fortress, along with many ‘fire towers and outposts. We will see, feel and hear the many legends .



9 Days / 8 Nights Package :

includes excellent lodging , great foods , transport / escort vehicles , bikes, travel insurance, entry fees  & guides.
Venue{s}:  Xining , Qilianshan , ZhangYe , Jiayuguan , QiYi Glacier & Dunhuang .
Price :   19,800 RMB 
Reservations: Due May 10th , 2017 with 10,000 RMB  deposit .



 Notations: All arrive in Xining – Qinghai for a day of sights and getting familiar with the  bikes. You will need to bring your 'helmets , gloves & hike boot. { We can help with gear }. The cycling is open roads with elevations to 3800 meters. From rolling green pastures, thru the Silk Road canyons  and onto the Gobi Desert – all will have the experience of  a lifetime…as we depart Dunhuang  'awaiting the adventure !