Mysterious Laos ‘Let the Adventures...

Laos is the ‘heart of Southeast Asia and the ‘heart of the Mighty Mekong River. It’s a country with less population than New York City’s 8 million.

Plus holds immense adventure ,beauty and charm ’beyond belief.  Nowhere in Asia is the scent of burning incense or chanting of Buddhist monks more ethereal and fascinating. The country is dominated by majestic mountains, verdant valleys and broad snaking rivers.  Beyond its vast and untamed wilderness it is a leading grower of coffees, teas and rice. The picture to the left is the ‘Grand Stupa—part of Laos’s large  ‘Buddhist Learning Center .

The Wildlife & Gibbons -
In 1999 the government did a partnership with the ‘Gibbons Experience project. The purpose was to study , protect and keep healthy a disappearing primate known as the ’Gibbon.
Today the ’  Experience  is open to the public for private visits and overnights . The most unique thing  is our lodging is ’high up in the tree canopy. Yes a tree house ! 
The local forestry unit ‘guides the many treks, hikes and swimming forays. Villagers supply and help get all up onto the platforms and tree houses. 
Yes and there is some ‘Zip Lines . 

Luang Prabang is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1995 . Not much has changed in the past twenty years as it features over three-dozen Buddhist temples. 
It is Indochina’s largest Buddhist prayer & learning center . 
There will be plenty of to explore its most famous sites, including Wat Xieng Thong and the Royal Palace Museum.
Our time in Luang Prabang will include plenty of nature—as we have a day with the elephants . Plus a trek or bike to the Kahm Nam River Falls.
Days can start or finish with the most famous Laotian export ‘coffee. 

Package : 10 days/9 nights is $ 3465
It includes the world famous ‘Gibbon Experience, the Asian elephant tutorial , excellent spacious transpor , fine lodging ,
excellent meals, AIG travel insurance, visa{s}, guides and memories for a lifetime !
Reservations: Due to August 17th, 2016 with $ 1500 USD deposit.