The Highlights of Sabah

March 26 - April 4 

Borneo is the world’s third largest island and its mysterious cultures, along with scenic beauty is spellbinding. 
We have ’heard about the ‘Wildman of Borneo - time to go see !

This adventure starts in Sabah—East Malaysia in the city of Kota Kinabalu. 
“KK as it is known – is a scenic community on the northwest shores of Borneo. 
It’s the ’gateway to the adventures of Borneo.

The Waters 
The first sights are immense aqua blue waters and huge sandy beaches, followed by large lush green rain forest. 
Being close to the equator gives Borneo perfect days for swimming, diving or beach combing.
The best diving is most anywhere—as few people, lots of fish and of course the ‘big sea turtles makes this most memorable. 

Tiga & Lankayan  Islands 

Among the many islands or Palau{s} as the local dialect call them  - there is comfort and a sense of the many sundrenched days locals enjoy. After a day on or in the ‘waters — evening with the local foods & culture ’help us have even a greater appreciation for life and great folks.

The Orangutans & Awesome Wildlife 
There are not enough words to describe all the biodiversity of Borneo.
The ‘signature land creature is the mighty ’orangutan  - as their distinctive looks and sounds are only equaled by over 200 island species of birds. Yes ! Bird watching is in the top 5 things to see and ‘do. 

Tentative Schedule 

Day 1   Sabah’s Capital Kota Kinabalu  

Arrive in Kota Kinabalu . Check into resort hotel, enjoy the pool and check out the area. 
Enjoy Malaysian lunch and visit the ‘floating mosque. 
Evening sunset dinner at the local food market.

Day 2  Coastal Life on Sabah 
Head up the coast to Kota Kelud  and the quiet savannahs for the tropical and migratory birds sanctuaries. 
Visit the fishing villages and see seaside life  

Day 3  Kinabalu Mountains 
Travel into the tropical Kinabalu Mountain range to its plateaus, waterfalls, mountain creeks and lots of jungle life. into the mountain higer  reservesof  Mt Kinabalu to Poring Hot Spring  

Day 4     Borneo’s Forest Reserve 
We head east to the eastern shores of Borneo and Sandakan . But before we arrive we have a visit to Sepilok. 
Famous for abundant Borneo tropical life above the forest floor.  The Forest Reserve has a walk way above trees to see flying squirrels and much much more. 
This protected area is Borneo’s largest collection of flora & fauna.
Its forest lodge and forest rangers offer the best look at life in the rainforests . 

Day 5     Jungle River Boat 
We do the  Kinabatangan River by power boat –to see the life along the river. 
Its like in the movies ’we motor along quiet clear waters  —then stop for sights and photos.

Day 6 - 8     Tiga & Lankayan Island
These two islands are jewels for those endless warm beach days. Plus you can add a coconut cocktail ..or coconut milk .  
Both islands offer the sea life and rain forested scenery on the emerald sea. 
Mystic rock and coral formations ‘makes everything a bit more interesting.

Day 9    Sandakan 
Sandakan is Sabah’s east port on our ‘coast to coast adventure. We have seen nearly 500 km of Borneo’s best areas. 
All have enough development to keep us comfortable in the tropics .     

Day 10      Breakfast on the Beach & Home 
Sunrise on the beaches and a fabulous local breakfast closes  our amazing adventure across Borneo. 
We have done a ’special journey with sights, adventures and pictures ’to remind us  - how wonderful and diverse life ‘really is.